Vedic Green

Vedic Green

Building your Maharishi Vastu Home & Community

This Vastu course will give you the knowledge necessary to plan and undertake community projects along with a wealth of extremely useful information to help you build a Maharishi Vastu home. This is a unique opportunity for everyone interested in Maharishi Vastu knowledge to gain, in compact sessions, some of the applied knowledge of Maharishi Vedic® architecture.

Topics to be covered include:

  • The theory and practice of Maharishi Vastu design—its origins and evolution
  • Building with natural, non-toxic materials, using the latest green technologies
  • Introduction to Building Biology, practical measures to avoid electro-smog(EMF)
  • How to evaluate a site from satellite maps
  • Vedic Garden Cities, Peace Colonies; ownership strategies, promotion and financing
  • Sustainable Vedic Organic gardens—from planning to execution
  • Turnkey homes and the Master Builder system in action
  • Pictorial examples and homeowners’ experiences from around the world—houses, offices, and communities
  • Reports on projects from different countries and advice from successful Vastu developers.

This course is presented online and combines live presentations/ discussions along with pre-recorded materials from previous conferences and seminars held in the US and Europe. Also included are the best talks and documentaries from 15 of the world’s leading experts in Maharishi Vastu architecture and planning. Live sessions will be recorded so that they may be viewed and reviewed at your convenience. The pre-recorded material and other resources will also be available to you 24/7.

The course is available as a non-credit course. The tuition for this non-credit course is €230.-.

Refund policy:
A full refund is available if you cancel prior to the start of the course. There is a 50% refund for cancellations within the first week of the course. No refund thereafter.