Maharishi Self Pulse-Reading for Good Health

Measuring the impulses of the body’s intelligence and restoring balance
in the physiology through the touch of three fingertips

Self-pulse reading is the most ancient and most natural means of determining the level of balance or imbalance in the mind and body. This course presents Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's revival of this ancient technology to determine the state of the inner intelligence of the body. Everyone should learn Maharishi Self-Pulse Reading to maintain one’s own health.
Maharishi Self-PulseSM Reading allows one to detect imbalances early, before they manifest as disease. Reading the pulse allows one to precisely determine where the imbalance is and how to restore balance. Furthermore, pulse reading is therapeutic in itself. Just taking the pulse increases the balance in the pulse and thereby the balance of the whole mind and body. Taking the pulse enlivens the connection between mind and body, consciousness and matter.

Course structure:

  •     The 16-lesson online lectures and a course syllabus
  •     An online video of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi describing the importance of self-pulse reading
  •     Web conferences with the faculty once each month
  •     Learning activities
  •     The course must be completed within nine months.

Topics include:

  •     Learning to feel the different principles of intelligence (doshas) in the pulse
  •     Daily and seasonal cycles of nature in the pulse
  •     The six tastes, diet and digestion
  •     Detecting imbalances in the pulse
  •     Locating the subdivisions of the doshas
  •     Restoring balance if imbalance is detected

Fees: Admission requires a course fee and a one-off application fee per module which are based on the country where the applicant lives.
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Application procedure: Applicants must submit their Application form to the Office of Admissions.

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