"Maharishi Ayurveda” and "Maharishi Vedic Medicine”
The knowledge of Ayurveda is said to be eternal and uncreated. When we use the term “Maharishi” it does not mean that anything has been changed or added, but indicates that the lost, misinterpreted, and scattered knowledge of Ayurveda has been restored by Maharishi to its full dignity, and is now being presented in the scientific language of our time.

Maharishi Ayurveda, or Maharishi Vedic Medicine, includes many aspects of Vedic knowledge that are generally not part of Ayurvedic practice. These are derived from Vedic disciplines such as Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) and Yagya, Sthapatya Veda (Vedic Architecture), Gandharva Veda (Vedic Music), Transcendental Meditation, Vedic Sound Therapy, Yoga, and Vedic Agriculture. Thus Maharishi Ayurveda is a unique integration of the powerful, ancient Vedic tradition with the most modern advances of science, including Unified Field Theories. In addition, it includes the recent discovery that the physiology is the precise expression of Veda and the Vedic Literature.

A Complete and Natural Prevention-Oriented System of Medicine
Maharishi Vedic Medicine offers technologies to enliven the body's own inner intelligence to prevent disease and promote good health. It also provides multiple treatment modalities and behavioural prescriptions that bring mind, body, and behaviour in harmony with Natural Law, for the natural and effective prevention of disease, and the promotion of longevity and perfect health. Maharishi Vedic Medicine takes into account all the factors that influence health, many of which are not usually considered by modern medicine. This most advanced knowledge and practical training opens the intellect and experience of the students to the whole process of restoration, from disorder to order, in a sequentially progressive manner.